Summary of the job:

  • Approach tourists and propose them the photo service
  • Sales activity, arguing and persuasion
  • Shooting photo sessions after PhotoHotel standards and rules
  • Assist the client while choosing the photos
  • Doing the final sale to the client

Summary of advantages:

  • Accomodation & meals paid by the company
  • Medium salary of 1000 EUR
  • 2 days off per week
  • Money back of plane tickets at the end of the contract (7 months)
  • We will teach you everything you need for doing your job

This is the right job for you if:

You are young and resist physical and mental stress

You are able to have a medium level conversation at least in one of these languages (English, French, German, Russian)

You are able to relocate to Greece or Spain for at least 7 months

You are focused on performance and results

You like to interact and meet new people even if you have no experience in tourism or photography.

You love to work with targets and goals

You love to argue, convinve and do sales activity

You want to better know yourself and go beyond your comfort zone

You like meeting people, interacting with them and making new friends

You like to see people feeling good and making them smile.

How a workday unfolds?

During the day you work at the pool or on the private beach, where you approach tourists sitting on the beach, have conversations, take photos and propose photo sessions.

In parallel, depending on how you organize with the team, you are available at the PhotoHotel office, where you assist tourists in choosing photos, propose and argue the best photo purchase packages. Then you complete the sale.

Also during the day, you carry out mainly the activity of photographer, you carry out the scheduled photo sessions, you participate in the events in the hotel and you keep in touch with the hotel tourists, former clients and potential clients.

Depending on the organization of the team, you prepare the materials ordered by customers: photo albums, CDs, USB sticks, magnets and other custom products.




Guaranteed salary of 700 EUR + bonuses for fulfilling the objectives

In addition to the financial part (salary + commissions), each employee receives:

Free accommodation, in the immediate vicinity of the hotel/resort

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week.

Medical insurance in case of illness or accident

Money back on airline tickets at the end of contract (7 months)

We provide training for this field

Foto Camera secured by company during collaboration

Join the Team

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Our business story began in 2008 with 2 hotel structures and a team of 4 people, on the island of Crete. Later, the company expanded to Spain and in January 2016 we opened the administrative center in Romania, in Brasov.

Currently we operate over 100 hotel/resort structures, with over 200 employees in the following destinations:

Grecia: Insula Creta, Rodos, Corfu, Atena
Spania: Andaluzia, Mallorca, Menorca
Insulele Canare: Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria

Since our beginning in 2008, we recognized the value in having our own training school and today over 900 people were trained free of charge in the «PhotoHotel School» and then proceeded to discover with us the PhotoHotel destinations.


PhotoHotel operates over 12 tourist destinations in Europe with the administrative headquarter in Romania.

Frequent Questions

The interview will take place on Skype or Facebook Messenger (video) depending on the availability of each person.
Following a positive feedback at the interview, you will follow the courses of the Photohotel School to prepare for the new job.
After the training in the PhotoHotel School is done, the teams will go to their assigned destinations with departures starting from April to May.
Yes, it is possible to extend the contract, depending on the interest of each of our personnel.
The minimum hiring age is 18 years of age.
We accept couples, but we cannot guarantee that you will work in the same team, or the same hotel.
We have no minimum educational requirements, any degree is acceptable.
Ideally, you are at least at an intermediate level in any of the following languages: English, French or German. Intermediate equals to you being able to sustain a conversation on any common topic.
Our HR team will reach out within the next 14 days. If nobody has contacted you during that period, you have not been selected.
The photo camera is offered by the company for work use and is handed back at the end of the season.


Diana Ludușan

HR Manager - Romania

Joanna Wajs

HR Manager - Poland

Andrei Țurcan

HR Manager - Moldova

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