Holiday Photos,
Unforgettable memories

Each year we manage to turn our client's vacation into unforgettable memories. Holiday photos take on a new meaning after discovering the PhotoHotel service.

Professional photo shoots from PhotoHotel and photo albums are available for life, for each of us and the generations that follow us.

PhotoHotel is the European LEADER
in Hotel Photography

Present in over 100 hotel structures, the PhotoHotel Concept satisfies the demands of thousands of international tourists who choose to spend their holidays in exotic destinations such as Greece, Spain, the Canary Islands and Malta.

Opinions from PhotoHotel customers

How do we do this?


The Hotel Photographers are the PhotoHotel ambassadors in front of their client's. Their professionalism and customer experiences keep and develop the company's story further.


PhotoHotel partners are 3, 4 and 5 star hotel chains that offer dream-like stays to our client's. Together with them we have work towards a common goal: unforgettable experiences for tourists.


They are the element that makes this story possible. Instant feedback and their experiences have helped us for over 10 years to improve our services and create smiles in our photo sessions.

In each hotel structure where we are present, we have a team composed of two or three colleagues, each with the following main responsibilities: Photohotel Ambassador, Hotel Photographer, and Photo Advisor.





PhotoHotel Ambassador

The PhotoHotel Ambassador promotes, suggests, and helps clients schedule their photo session at the best time of the day.


Hotel photographer

The Hotel Photographer conducts photo sessions for scheduled guests and provides them with an unforgettable experience.


Photo Advisor

The Photo Advisor helps client's select the best holiday photos and helps them find the best way for them to keep their holiday memories.

PhotoHotel School

PhotoHotel has created the only School in Europe designed to train hotel photographers to work in international hotel structures. Through this School, future hotel photographers & advisors participate in a recruitment and training course consisting of an intensive training specially designed for PhotoHotel staff.

The staff enjoys constant training courses through local trainings, online learning methods as well as continuous support through communication methods and regular meetings.

Sales and Customer Satisfaction

It's no secret that the Hotel Photographers are first and foremost sales people.

A good salesman is not the one who convinces the customer to spend as much money as possible, but the one who knows how to best identify the customer's needs and offer him the best options.

Customers are at the base of our activity, and their satisfaction is our first priority.

Photo preparation and Quality Standards

At PhotoHotel School, each team member is trained and evaluated to get the best and most beautiful holiday memories.

Regardless of previous photo experience and style, every PhotoHotel employee is prepared to meet the same quality standards.

In this way we ensure that tourists enjoy the same experience in all the destinations where we are present.

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