• Young and energetic spirit

    In general, we recommend this job to young people up to 35 years old due to the intense activity and the fast ability to adapt in a foreign environment, in a foreign language and away from home. Of course, this is a finding, based on previous experiences, and not a rule. Also, in PhotoHotel there are 54-year-old hotel photographers with outstanding performances.

  • Medium level foreign language

    (English, French, German, Russian)
    These are the languages in which tourists speak in the hotel structures in which we are present. English is the most widely used language internationally, especially for young people. At the same time, a significant number of tourists speak only in their native language. Therefore, it is necessary to know or learn a foreign language such as French or German at a conversational level. We are not looking for certifications and diplomas, but rather we want to hear how you perform verbally in that language.

  • 7 - 9 months availability in Greece, Spain, Canary Islands or Malta

    A season of work at PhotoHotel lasts on average 7 months, and goes up to 9 months for tropical destinations. Depending on the hotel you are allocated to, it may take less, or if you are available, it may take longer. During the 7 months, there are no visits or trips in the country of origin, and the holidays are also spent at the destination, along with the other colleagues. As in any other job abroad, this availability is contractually assumed, in the middle of the training period. The country in which you will work, as well as the hotel, are not chosen by the candidates, but are allocated based on the evaluations made during the training period."

  • Do you love sales and you’re ready to earn based on your performance?

    The Hotel Photographer is first of all a sales man. Your charisma, attitude, and your vibe are the factors that help you win in this job. Sales is not for everybody and not anybody is fit for a sales job, as few have the correct attitude and ambition for sales. We’re looking for motivated folks that know or are ready to learn how they can sell anything.

  • You are ambitious and eager to learn new things

    The constant feedback we receive from our former colleagues is that PhotoHotel has helped them grow enormously in their careers. At PhotoHotel, learning never stops. The learning begins before the training period, through the online courses provided by the company, as well as in the training stage and then at the destination, among the client's. The first month of work is challenging, and feedback from the team leader is part of the learning process. We need you to be ambitious and wanting to succeed. :)

  • You like to interact and meet new people

    The success of each colleague in this job depends entirely on how they interact with new people and on how they accept cultural differences. 70% of the responsibilities of the hotel photographer are represented by the sale, and the sale is made only to unknown people, whom it is necessary to approach, to know and to present our company and our offer. If you do this properly, your customers will become your friends, and their reviews on the Facebook page can prove that.

  • Experience in this field or in the field of photography is not required

    Yeah, you heard that right. It's fine if you've never used a professional camera. At the same time, the Hotel Photographer Job is a special one and only in very rare cases you can have previous experience. Instead, we noticed that people who worked on sales positions or on positions with a lot of interaction with other people (bartenders, waiters, hostesses, call centers, corporate sales, etc.) do very well in the hotel photographer job.

  • Identity card issued by an U.E. member country.

    The activity is carried out within the European Union and, therefore, an identity card issued by an EU member country is required. This facilitates a very easy hiring process while PhotoHotel employees enjoy the same rights at European level. As easy as it is to travel to a European country, as easy is to work in a European country.